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Modern power engineering and thermal technology require high temperature - high pressure boilers to produce superheated superheated steam. But for some equipment process requirements, such a steam may be too dry or overheated. For example: When the heat exchanger is used for process operation, the use of superheated steam is reduced due to the low heat transfer coefficient, and the use of saturated steam is more suitable. In addition, when the high-pressure dry saturated steam decompression to low pressure, the downstream outlet will produce superheat. This requires cooling the superheated steam to the desired near-saturated temperature, which requires a desuperheater. In many cases, high-pressure superheated steam is required to be both reduced and decompressed. Decompression and decompression device is energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. (Temperature control device) can be equipped with the corresponding industrial automation instrument (ie, heat control cabinet), the power plant or industrial boilers and thermal power plants and other transport to a (new) vapor pressure P1, temperature t1 temperature and decompression, Secondary steam pressure P2, temperature t2 to meet the requirements of the production process. Widely used in thermal power plants, central heating, food industry, petrochemical industry, textile industry, rubber industry, paper and pulp industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical and many other industries. In order to meet the requirements of different equipment technology, our company provides different types of temperature and pressure decompression (decompression, decompression) device, and to achieve a full set of intelligent automatic control or DCS system networking.

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