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  • 商品名称: ABB electrical valve positioner




Aluminum alloy housing IP 65

Small size, suitable for low temperature environment, anti-vibration and tolerance, anti-electromagnetic interference, durable

Mature technology

The use of potentiometer for the valve position sensor, nozzle baffle principle I / P-converter, wide operating temperature range -40 ~ +85 & deg; C, ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEX explosion-proof certification, to SIL2 safety level

Compact design

Optional modules can be replaced at any time, analog position feedback, digital position feedback, mechanical limit switches, position indicators, single acting - or double acting options, microswitch, etc.

Excellent control performance

Keep the valve position in a emergency or to a safe position

Position of the image

Mechanical position indicator - optional

Low operating costs

High gas consumption, low gas consumption

Use more flexible

Applicable straight and angular actuators, single acting and double acting actuators No mechanical limit, no mechanical damage

Easy to operate and parameter settings

All parameters can be adjusted in the field

Simple debugging

Using the "one-click" operation mode, the local operation panel (full text)

Easy to install

A variety of mounting components, the installation of the angle within the recommended range of automatic correction, higher precision adjustment, automatically determine all the operating parameters, without manual adjustment, without strict symmetry


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  V18345-1010261001 (同V18345-1010221001)

  Single action, with feedback, intelligent, configurable, input and output 4 ~ 20mA, three off protection, default (fault latching) V18345-1010561001 (with V18345-1010521001)

  Double acting, with feedback, intelligent, configurable, input and output 4 ~ 20mA, three off protection, default (fault lockout)