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  • 商品名称: Ejector


  Main applications: steam pressure matching, lack of steam recovery, suction vacuum

  1, power plant: steam turbine design due to the extraction pressure (back pressure) is fixed, often steam turbine can not meet the production needs of the situation, you can use the boiler new steam jet steam extraction or exhaust steam to its rise Pressure to meet user requirements.

  2, lack of steam and waste heat recovery: the use of higher pressure steam injection of lower pressure steam, get a pressure in the middle of the steam, in order to achieve "low-use high" with the use of waste heat purposes.

  3, condensate and flash steam recovery: the production process in the steam heating condensate and flash steam recovery, steam boost, energy saving.

  4, in the low pressure steam injection at the same time, can be used as a temperature reducer and reduce the need for reduced temperature.

  5, the process, the recovery of waste steam to reduce emptying, saving steam.

Ordering Information:

  1, please also provide:

    1) High pressure medium flow, pressure, temperature

    2) Low pressure medium flow, pressure, temperature

    3) outlet mixed medium flow, pressure, temperature

  2, control: manual control, automatic control