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Other control systems (integrated with Siemens S7-400 / 300/200, ABB AC800 / 500 series)

1. Energy-saving energy-saving transformation, plant energy (water, electricity, steam, heat, gas) metering management system;



2. Waste heat boiler, drying furnace, heat treatment furnace control system;



3. Pump station, sluice, water network monitoring and dispatching system;



4. chemical process (reactor, etc.) safety control system;



5. Heat recovery control system such as heating, heat exchange and ejector;



6. Wireless remote monitoring system: through the GPRS or CDMA network will be scattered control station or test station data sent to the control center to achieve remote meter reading, data monitoring system. A typical example is the power plant thermal network monitoring.


                 Thermal network monitoring diagram


Provide the temperature, pressure, flow, level and other instrument measurement and control system design, selection, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of the overall solution, you can use ABB, Honeywell, Siemens and other imported brand instruments to ensure high performance and cost , And can be combined with computer centralized monitoring or integrated into the DCS system.