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  • 商品名称: Plate heat exchanger unit

Plate heat exchanger unit



  Can be widely used in central heating systems, hot water supply systems, central air conditioning systems, as well as chemical, power, oil refining, metallurgy, light industry, printing and dyeing, wine, dyes, food, machinery and other industries, Liquid, liquid-liquid phase exchange, according to the pre-set temperature, pressure, flow output fluid, the unit uses advanced system automatic control technology, such as the use of frequency control technology to constant pressure quantitative, the use of information processing and implementation of control Integrated technology to carry out high-precision temperature control, heat exchanger equipment selection of high efficiency plate heat exchanger, the unit is optimized design and well-made complete sets of equipment, the unit output cycle fluid temperature error can be controlled at 2 ℃, is to achieve constant temperature Pressure water supply the best unit.