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  • 商品名称: filter




(1) at both ends of the import and export to the flange and pipe connection. Flange size according to ANSI B16.5 or JB / T79 or GB / T9113-2000 standard;
(2) Flange connection Y-type filter Nominal diameter and applicable media parameters Range: Nominal diameter: 15mm (1/2 ") to 300mm (12")

  Nominal pressure: 2.0 Mpa (150 lbs), 5.0 Mpa (300 lbs), 11 Mpa (600 lb), 16 Mpa (900 lb), 26 Mpa (1500 lb)

(3) shell material according to the media characteristics (gas, liquid, corrosive, etc.), medium pressure and temperature, etc. Optional:

  Carbon steel (WCB, ASTM)

  Chrome molybdenum steel (WC6, American ASTM standard)

  Stainless steel (CF8M, American ASTM standard)