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  • 商品名称: High pressure turbine bypass valve

High pressure turbine bypass valve

High-pressure turbine bypass device has three main functions of start-up, overflow and safety. Bypass valve needs to achieve the above functions at the same time also has a small noise and vibration, spool wear characteristics, to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

  Structural features

  1. Porous Sleeve Balancing spool design, by effectively controlling the flow rate to reduce vibration and noise, to avoid erosion, flash and cavitation

  2. The valve body uses the forging structure, the valve inner piece welding solid alloy, prolongs the service life

  3. Valve outlet is equipped with a spring cooling nozzle, the cooling water and superheated steam best evenly mixed, reducing the downstream superheated steam temperature reduction distance, the structure is more compact

  4. Actuator can choose electro-hydraulic actuator, high precision, fast response, high reliability