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The ceremony was a success


Congratulations to Hangzhou Meiya and Hangzhou Teachers College Qianjiang College jointly set up product R & D base listing ceremony and project matchmate successful

On June 5, 2014, Hangzhou Meiya Company and Hangzhou Normal School Qianjiang College jointly signed the cooperation agreement and project matching meeting of the product research and development base in the conference room of the Cixi New Campus, which opened the two sides to build a famous school. Enterprises to cooperate in the prelude to a new platform, while the company and Qianjiang College to build a research and development base is also officially listed. The company's key executives and major leaders attended the ceremony. At the meeting, the President and the general manager of Jinping have published their own comments, the general manager of gold, said: "I hope that through this cooperation, each can give full play to their strengths, set advanced knowledge and talent, high-end enterprises and equipment, , Mutual win! "

The two sides in-depth exchange of views, agreed that the school-enterprise cooperation prospects, content, advantages, both sides made it clear that they will make every effort to cooperate, the two sides do real cooperation, to make features. The school and enterprise together, relying on college personnel training, science and technology research and development of the comprehensive advantages, not only improve the independent innovation capability of enterprises to promote the optimization and upgrading of scientific and technological achievements, to create scientific and technological innovation system, more research and development of colleges and universities to provide a practical Objectives, and effectively solve the problem of college students employment, to achieve sustainable development of both sides, to achieve win-win cooperation model. The cooperation, enhance the friendship between the two sides, for the future depth of cooperation has laid a solid foundation.

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