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Congratulations to the success of the company


At the end of 2014, in the United States and Asia colleagues to take seriously, with the efforts of my company successfully from the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection to get a new special equipment manufacturing license, which marks the company special equipment manufacturing qualification renewal work a complete success

In recent years, our company has been closely focused on highlighting the major manufacturing productivity, improving the secondary sales rate and so on to enhance the core competitiveness of the diversified leap-forward development as the center, continue to create a good development of my company a new situation, in addition to increasing special equipment Practitioners training and the introduction of efforts to form a relatively complete talent echelon, but also focus on upgrading new product research and development, build brand products. The success of the renewal of my company's long-term development is of great significance, on the one hand laid my company in the industry leader position, so that my company more competitive; the other hand, the company's grand goal to establish a more Good development platform!

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