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Thousand Island of the first country


Congratulations to Hangzhou, the United States and Asia to complete the export of Indonesia with an annual output of 2 million tons of alumina project

May 21, 2016 is a significant day in the history of the development of Sino-Indian aluminum industry, Weiqiao Group Indonesia project (WHW) alumina production line announced the official launch. As one of the three major international projects of the APEC Summit, the project was signed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Indonesia in 2013 and immediately signed the scene with the leaders of both sides. The WHW project is also the largest project for Chinese companies to invest in alumina projects so far.

As the Weiqiao Group temperature and pressure relief device for many years supporting suppliers, the United States and Asia have the honor to witness and participate in all the services.

From the initial in many manufacturers stand out successful contract until the sales staff to guide the installation, on-site commissioning is completed, the United States and Asia experienced more than 700 days and nights, the WHW project to track the whole, by the owners of the unit praise, field leadership more Is in the United States and Asia after-sales service orders that, in the process of cooling and decompression station debugging, Hangzhou, the United States and Asia company staff dedicated, professional training, for the successful completion of 200W tons of production tasks made outstanding contributions. & rdquo;

Customer recognition is the greatest affirmation of our work, as a Meiya people, I am proud, I am proud of the company has always been adhering to the concept of service for the first, in the pursuit of perfect product quality, after-sales service is regarded as " Times sales & rdquo, spare no effort to meet customer needs and constant innovation. The successful completion of the task, once again witnessed the speed and wisdom of the United States and Asia, to the United States and Asia has a good start, the future development is still long way to go, the United States and Asia will continue to work, and constantly forge ahead!

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