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About Meiya


★ Pre-sales service

Project by the project manager is responsible for the supply and demand in the project early contact with work, such as product design, manufacturing, technical documents delivery, the equipment of form a complete set, the packing and shipping, guide the installation and debugging, technical clarificaiton, personnel training, etc.

In the process of design, fabrication, inspection and test, to welcome the buyer to send engineers to my company's production site and supplier inspection and guidance equipment manufacturing quality and the progress of the situation, we will give the positive cooperation and support.

★ After-sales service

We shall be responsible for the transportation of the equipment to the buyer's site. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, we will send engineers to the site for free commissioning and commissioning of the equipment.

Quality guarantee period, if the failure happens or doesn't work, pick up information feedback, we will send the engineering technical personnel rushed to the scene for repair and service in time, after waiting for normal operation of equipment, to perform causal analysis, such as our responsibility for all expenses shall be borne by us; We will charge you only for the cost of your responsibility.

After the quality guarantee period of the equipment - all the spare parts supplied by us are only for cost. During the operation of the equipment, we will send engineers and technicians to the site to carry out technical services.

★ Service commitment - three packages in the warranty period, lifelong maintenance, 48 hours to the site

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